Is this your first time buying a house? Congratulations on reaching this important milestone! You’ve chosen a great city that has so much to offer in terms of mild weather, fun things to do, and incredible neighborhoods to live and play in. 

As a first time buyer, you’ll benefit from these helpful tips. If you have any questions, Full Sail Realty is available to help you sail through the process like an expert!

Buying Property in Charleston, SC 

Our vibrant city is a great place to call home. When you’re buying a house here, keep the following in mind:

  • What matters to you now? You’ll want to look at houses for sale that meet your current needs. If a short commute to work is important, find homes for sale near your job.  
  • What will be important to you in a few years? If you have young children or plan to grow your family, you may want to find homes for sale that are walking distance to elementary schools and parks. 
  • What will taxes and insurance cost? In addition to your mortgage, you’ll need to pay for property taxes and homeowners insurance each month. Make sure you have an accurate picture of what your monthly costs will be to avoid sticker shock.

You probably can’t wait to own your home, but be sure to take the time to ask all the right questions and get the information you need to make the right choice. Ideally, this will be your home for years to come, so choose wisely. 

Check If You Qualify for Incentives

Buying a home for the first time in Charleston may qualify you for state-sponsored incentives, such as down payment assistance programs. Find out what incentives are available and determine which ones apply to you. Incentive programs can make it financially easier for you to become a homeowner. 

Follow Up on Inspections

A home inspection will uncover issues the inspector found while checking the house’s plumbing and electrical systems, kitchen appliances, doors, windows, the foundation, and more. Check the report carefully and follow up on any major findings. With a home inspection report backing you up, you can negotiate repairs or even replacements. Stick to major defects; anything that’s purely cosmetic can be taken care of easily once the home is yours.

Have a Plan B

Even if you’ve made an offer on your perfect dream home, understand that in a competitive market, other buyers may win out. While this is understandably heartbreaking, you’ll recover more quickly if you formulate an alternate plan. Instead of getting overly attached to one property, explore neighborhoods and find several homes you like. This way, if someone else ends up purchasing a home you wanted, you can move straight to the other homes on your list and make your next offer. 

Turn to Full Sail Realty for Expert Help

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