Have you ever wondered how some homes get multiple offers above asking price within the first few days of listing? In most cases, it’s about the right combination of value, home features, and location. For example, families with young children may be looking for an affordable three-bedroom home with a large yard that’s within walking distance to neighborhood schools and is less than ten years old; if a well-kept house suddenly appears on the market that meets this set of criteria, multiple competing bids would not be surprising.


For everyone selling property, this is the dream: to sell a house as quickly as possible, and to get multiple attractive offers to choose from. Even though not every property for sale will get multiple high offers, there are many things the owner can do to increase the chances of getting a higher offer.  


Staging Can Work Wonders

Professional staging is about presenting a house in the best light possible. It involves removing anything that might detract from the aesthetics of the home, as well as moving furniture around for better flow. A stager wants to showcase the best features of a home while downplaying any minor imperfections. Staging may also involve taking down personal photos (which eventually will have to be packed anyways) and replacing them with a few well-placed pieces of art.


Clean and Declutter

During a property showing, potential buyers will be turned off by a home that’s cluttered and messy. Before any property showing, you want to make sure to clean things up to create an inviting home environment. If buyers can’t even walk into the spare room, for example, because it’s completely full of your personal belongings, they’ll have a difficult time envisioning how they’d use this space. If attractive features like specialty windows or sophisticated paneling are hidden from view because of clutter, people touring your home may miss these completely. Clean things up prior to showing your home to make a better impression.

Do Minor Repairs

Are there small repairs you’ve been putting off? Whether it’s from a lack of time or because you’ve simply learned to live with the minor inconvenience, it’s easy to put off these repairs indefinitely. But when it comes to selling property, it’s best to take care of them now to better showcase your home. Fixing little things, anything from broken screens to leaky faucets, can make a significant difference on the offers you receive.


Paint Touch-ups

Another thing that can make an impressive difference is a little bit of paint. Throughout any house that’s been lived in for a while, you’ll find scuffs, marks, and scratches on the walls, particularly in high-traffic areas. A little bit of touch-up paint can greatly improve the visual appeal of these places. Just be sure to match the paint color and type exactly.



Let Us Know If You Need Help

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